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Inna historia miłosna - opowiadanie

Niedawno, w szkole na lekcji języka angielskiego, nauczyciel zadał nam do napisania opowiadanie. Nie mieliśmy określonego tematu, jedynym wymogiem było użycie wcześniej zapisanych zdań. Oczywiście, każde z nich było o czymś zupełnie innym, a opowiadanie musiało mieć sens.
Ta praca miała być zrealizowana w grupie, więc razem z trzema osobami z mojej klasy zabraliśmy się do roboty. Oni wymyślili ogólny zarys fabuły i miejsca, w których mieliśmy użyć podanych zdań. Ja natomiast, zajęłam się pisaniem i szczegółami. Podeszłam do tego z pewnym dystansem i oto, co z tego wyszło:

Different love story

„Fifty million years ago, India collided with Asia.” teacher said and all of sudden she stopped talking. She ran out of the class in breakneck speed. Students were surprised. No one knew what had just happened. They were unaware that she’s been having diarrhea for a while now. Of course, as soon as she left the class, conversations have began. Only one boy wasn’t paying attention on what was happening.
Carlos didn’t even bother to listen. He was thinking about something else…Or rather someone else. Sue…the most beautiful girl in his school.
‘What I wouldn’t do to be with her? But she doesn’t even know that I exist.’ he was thinking, when suddenly he felt like he was struck by lightning. Carlos decided to attempt the seemingly impossible. He wanted to ask on a date Sue. ‘I’ll do that. Whatever it takes!’

As soon as he decided to do that, he started acting. He was walking toward Sue’s desk, when he saw his brother – Juan talking to his dreamed girl. Carlos became very angry about this. He came back to his desk and took out his mobile phone. Unlocked it and searched results in the internet about “how to improve face of somebody who get you riled up”. “The amount of information just a click away may be limitless, but the time and energy we have to absorb and evaluate it is not.” Carlos agreed with this statement heard somewhere when he realized that he spent half an hour surfing on the internet. He read on some website that pretty girls don’t want to be with ugly man, so he thought that massacrated face of his brother will be enough to prevent any relationship between Juan and Sue. Carlos looked around and noticed a big bottle on teacher’s desk. He realized that it’s what he needs. Glass bottle… This amazing property of being both sold and transparent has given glass many uses throughout the centuries. Carlos didn’t know if it was used that way before, but he didn’t give it much thought. He stood up and made few quick steps towards his aim. He broke the bottle and took the biggest piece into his hand. Luckily for Carlos, nobody noticed what he’d just done. He came closer to Juan and made him turn face to face with him. “Having a family doesn’t exempt me from social responsibilities” said convincingly Carlos.
“But family comes first” replied surprised Juan.
“It shouldn’t”  answered Carlos and without hesitation raised his hand and wounded Juan’s face with the piece of glass. There was sudden silence in the class when the teacher all at once appeared. She saw what happened, called 911 for ambulance and police.
After a while, when Juan was taken to hospital, and Carlos to police station, the teacher said to herself with reflection “Maybe the human race deserves to be wiped out.”
In the police station, Carlos was being questioned, but he wasn’t the only one. All of his classmates had to answer lots of questions about his personal life. His two best friends asked if they knew what Carlos had wanted to do, responded just like that: “The new numbers also indicate our original estimate of time of impact was right.” Police officers had no idea what to think about it, so they decided to ask for help police psychologist. She discovered that Carlos and his best friends were a part of some sect and that they were mentally unstable for a while now.

Carlos, considering his mental condition, was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment and special therapy for the rest of his life. His friends were locked in the mental hospital and required treatment for many years. Sue ended as an old single with nine cats. And Juan, thanks to great doctors, fully recovered physically but his mentality couldn’t deal with such trauma, so he went to Australia and started living with Aborygens there.

Wiecie, już od dawna nie pisałam żadnego tekstu, który nie byłby recenzją czy felietonem. Takiego, który ma fabułę. Zdążyłam już zapomnieć, jak przyjemnie pisze się taką formę. Sprawiło mi to dużo satysfakcji, więc postanowiłam pisać jedno opowiadanie miesięcznie (po polsku, oczywiście). Piszcie w komentarzach, czy chcecie, żebym publikowała je na blogu i Wasze propozycje tematów do nich.

Dzięki za uwagę i do usłyszenia!

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